"Pour Me Love" - How do you like your love served?

We've heard it said that there are some things that money can't buy. Living in New York City, it's fascinating for me imagining that in practice. On a hot summer morning, waking in Washington Heights, the concept of the song came to me. 

How do you like your love served? If it could be bought, what would you add on or subtract. Do you take it black and strong? Or mild with only a splash of cream... every other week? For me, I take mine honest, pure, loyal, and true. In both music and love believability are the most poignant qualities. Well, in the case of music it comes through from an undeniable vulnerability. 

As a songwriter, one thing that I do is listen to people when they speak. You learn so much from folks just by what they say. As my college acting teacher said, "Listening is not and ear-only task." It means I watch and listen... 

So, who is Selena? As best I can, I try not to infringe of the imagination of the listener. But, I'd like to the image that in some capacity at some time Selena has been a part of each of us. 

-CD (now you gotta check out my song "Pour Me Love" and tell me what you think about it... and about love)

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